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Over 30 years of expertise

A late-night talk between a father, who has devoted all his life to ganoderma’s academic research as a university professor and a biotech management-majored son , has opened the door to the birth of De Yi Shiang.

With over 30 years of expertise in ganoderma and its growing experiences, we know the optimal ways to produce ganoderma extracts to get the utmost benefits you deserve.

100% Organic Farming

Despite all being referred to as Ganoderma, there are too many species come along with different forms in the market. Our ganoderma, however, is 100% organic farming and cultivated sustainably as nature intended from the inoculation to the harvest of the fruit body. Everything is certified. 

cGMP Quality Guaranteed

CGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA. We assure that all of our products go through rigorous quality control tests and comply with the systematized manufacturing operations to ensure purity, safety and effectiveness.

Inoculate genetic identified spawn

Different locations that grow Ganoderma can not only markedly differ in quantities and qualities of bioactive molecules, but influence the effectiveness of its adjunct therapy.

For more than 30 years, instead of importing nor outsourcing the budget ingredient extracts elsewhere, every year, we inoculate and culture our own genetically-identified spawn.

We eat what we grow.  We firmly believe only when the ganoderma’s spawn is identically identified can we guarantee the consistency of the effectiveness.

SGS Science Based

3rd party verified for chemicals for clinical use free 、 pesticide residues free、gluten-free , and most important of all, verifies for the beta-glucans , the most researched beneficial compound in ganoderma.  This ensure potency and effectiveness.

Extraction from ENTIRE ganoderma

The life cycle of ganoderma can be divided into three stages: spores, mycelium and fruit body (entire ganoderma). All of them contains the same bioactive properties but in significant different amount and accessibility. Many ganoderma products in the market are the blends from  fermented mycelium substrate instead of using the fruit body because of its rarity and high-cost, except ours.